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Now, YOU have the opportunity to build your brand without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can now get in on the adrenaline filled action with your own Crypto.


NASCAR is the largest sport in America, plain and simple. Watched by millions of fans that are extremely loyal to the supporters of their favorite drivers.

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Crypto Crow is a leading Influencer on Youtube, TuffTV and BizTV Networks.


Attrace is disrupting the affiliaite marketing sector with their own blockchain solution to tracking traffic, conversions and more.


Monarch Token is a Universal Blockchain Wallet with a slew of new features being added regularly to make crypto buying and holding easy.

We Have a Large Number Of Races on the Schedule for You To Choose From. On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!.

  • Be Seen By Millions

    Each Race Is Seen By Millions Of Race Fans Nationwide On Television

    Build Trust With Your Customers And Attract New Customers

    Whether You Want An Entire Car Or Different Spots, We've Got You Covered.
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Thanks to Crypto Rusty, you have the opportunity to sponsor NASCAR due to his love of Blockchain Technology. He paid Fiat for rights to NASCAR cars so you could buy with Crypto!

Rusty Kuchta, a successful businessman and NASCAR fan decided it would be a great idea to purchase the rights to multiple NASCAR's in order to give crypto companies the opportunity to brand themselves to millions of people using their own coin.

This, stemming from a passion for blockchain technology and the desire to show the world that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.


“This was one of the most exciting experiences I've had in quite some time and my fans absolutely loved it. It was a confidence booster for some and an eye grabber for others that spawned questions. "What the hell is a crypto crow?" I heard. "Google it". It was well worth the fun and attention.


Crypto Investor/Influencer
“Nascar has been great to the Monarch Wallet, we’re all about delivering fast results and with these fast cars flying down the track sporting our branding, it’s a perfect fit. It’s awesome we’re able to support these teams and drivers while doing our part in making the mainstream aware of the benefits of cryptocurrency.


Monarch Token
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